Our Commitment

These are our core values and the axioms in which we do business. Whenever we encounter a difficult situation in business and in life we look towards these three meaningful words for guidance. As the patient, you will find security and feel at ease knowing that what we do is honest, sincere and entirely for your well being. These core values means a great deal to us at Autumnwood Dental:

Integrity: We pledge to provide you with the treatment that you absolutely need and not what we need. We pledge to provide fair and competitive fees and to offer the means to pay for your needed treatment.

Devotion: We pledge to put you, the patient, before all else. At Autumnwood Dental, you are the most important person. Our focus is all about you and we strive to make you feel that way. We pledge to be available to you 24/7. If you are in pain, we pledge to respond and possibly treat in a timely manner. We understand the severity of dental pain and we are empathetic to your needs.

Excellence: We pledge to provide you with the highest quality dental treatment that we can offer. We pledge to serve you to the best of our abilities. We strive for excellence because we know you deserve it.


430 N. West Ave. Suite 1
Arlington, WA 98223

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